Coronavirus outbreak spreads live: What is the latest update?

The national health institute of Italy said 627 people had died yesterday, while more than 47,021 total cases have been reported in 24 hours. Today they are not officially published coronavirus update news.

What is happening in Italy?

More than 4,032 people have died, known as one of the oldest populations in the world. The World health organization has said in a statement on Saturday, Italy the record most deaths outside of China, where the COVID-19 raised in December.

What is the latest update elsewhere?

The UK confirms 177 total deaths of coronavirus – 4,094 cases since Saturday
Spain 25,374, Germany 21,652, Iran 20,610, USA records 22,708, France 12,612 coronavirus infections cases reported.
Iran’s official death toll rises to 124 with 4,747 confirmed cases nationwide
Netherlands 3,631 and Belgium’s 2,815 death toll rises to 637 and 558 the last update on Saturday.
Spain’s death toll rises to 285 which is the country’s highest single-day toll so far.

What are the latest updates in the United States?

President Trump signed an $8.3bn emergency bill against the outbreak of COVIN-19 and today and more then 279 victims have now died from the coronavirus in the USA.

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