Coronavirus update news of Italy some info you need to know

Coronavirus causes an infectious disease in humans called the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This disease is spread when an uninfected person comes into contact with an infected person’s droplets of saliva or when they sneeze or cough. Hand washing is a key measurement when it comes to protection against this disease.

Total cases now in Italy is 66,927, total deaths 6,177, 7,432 already recovered and now 53,418 active cases is found now according to the

The coronavirus has been considered as a pandemic by the world health organization since it is spreading globally. Cases are being reported in many countries including Italy. Italy is one of the countries that has reported high cases of coronavirus and deaths associated with this virus. The outbreak of this pandemic in Italy is greatly associated with the high number of air travels with china where the outbreak was first noted. Italy has been greatly affected by the outbreak of coronavirus both economically and socially.

The Italian government has taken measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. The government implemented a nationwide lockdown to avoid the spread of the disease to unaffected areas. The lockdown has impacted negatively the economy of this country. The transport sector has been greatly affected more especially air transport. Following the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy, the Italian government held a temporary closure of air travels with china. This affects the air transport sector since its market has been reduced.

The sports sector has been affected since the Italian government denied fans the opportunity of attending sports events. This measurement was taken to minimizes personal contact in order to avoid the rapid spread of the disease. The government also temporarily suspended all sports activities in Italy to avoid the spread of the disease.

The education sector in Italy has been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. Learning institutions have been ordered to close temporarily. This has resulted in a waste of student’s learning time and resources.

Coronavirus outbreak has impacted the tourism sector negatively. Italy has many tourist attractions sites. The outbreak of corona in tourists has resulted in a reduction in the number of tourists visiting the country. This is due to the risk of contracting the virus. Air travel closure with china has also impacted the tourism sector as a tourist are not received from china. This has resulted in a reduction in government revenue.

Tourism associated industries have also been affected as a result of the reduction in the number of tourists. A significant decrease in business activities in these industries has been observed. For instance, hotels and restaurants have felt the impact as the number of clients has greatly reduced.

The economic sector has also been affected greatly. The Italian government expects a reduction in the gross domestic product in the coming months. A lot of money is being allocated to curb the spread of coronavirus. Some workers are also not attending to their daily activities due to the lockdown held by the government hence the economic sector is declining.

Coronavirus updates in Italy are available on many platforms. One can access these updates by watching television news. Many radio stations are also sensitizing the Italian community on the updates. Newspapers and magazines also cover updated news concerning the coronavirus. These updates can also be accessed through the internet which is a very fast way of getting information.

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