Coronavirus Vaccine update: When it will be ready?

With the coronavirus affecting all areas of the globe and causing a mass quarantine. We all wondering when is there going to be a vaccine, does it really work, when we get it. While there are currently no vaccinations for the coronavirus there is a vaccine in the works that will begin human trials immediately.

There are around 35 companies and research institutions that are looking to develop a vaccine. Four of these agencies have begun testing a possible vaccine on animals. The firm Moderna is looking to begin testing on humans.

The development of a vaccine is due in part to the efforts that are being done to sequence the genetic material. The genes found to cause this illness is the Sars CoV 2. Researchers can grow this virus and now they are looking at how it invades the body and makes people sick.

The coronavirus shares around 90 percent of its genes with the Sars virus. Both of these viruses are made with similar RNA and have a protein capsule that has spikes around it. The spikes can infect the lining of the lungs and allow the virus to invade the cell. This virus is then able to use the cell to make additional copies of itself before killing off the cell.

Immunizations often contain a form of the virus in a weakened state and it is often inactive. Some of the methods tried for Covid 19 are using this method while other researchers are looking into new technology.

They are using messenger RNA to help fight back against the virus.

Companies that are trying to develop a vaccine cannot predict where things may go wrong and that is why it takes some time. Three phases go into clinical trials. They need to test the vaccine for safety and monitor any possible side effects in healthy volunteers. The vaccine is tested on a couple of dozen people. If the vaccine was successful is successful it will then be tested in several hundred people. These people are usually located in parts of the world where the virus has infected most people.

If the vaccine is successful on a larger scale it is tested with thousands of participants. Not all of the vaccines will be effective and some will have adverse side effects. Some of the vaccines may be ineffective. Clinical trials cannot be rushed.

According to this date, there have been no vaccines that are made with RNA or other genetic material that has been approved for use. While researchers are scientists are working quickly to find a vaccine for Covid 19 this process cannot be rushed and they need to make sure the vaccine is effective.

Most vaccines take decades to be approved. Researchers do not think there will be a vaccine for the coronavirus for at least 18 months and that is if there are no problems. Even if a vaccine is found it will be hard to produce enough of it to make sure everyone is safe. Researchers are not giving up and they will not rest until they find a vaccine for Covid 19.

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