Why the current Coronavirus Outbreak are so high in Italy?

Even though Italy’s public health system has been said to be one of the best systems in the world, the coronavirus pandemic has actually pushed it to its limit. Once the coronavirus was reported to have started affecting its locals, they felt that they were prepared but after a few weeks of its outbreak, they started to understand that they were so wrong. Some of their well-trained doctors and nurses have said that they have never witnessed such a high percentage of deaths in just a short time.

There have been many cases reported in just a short period of time that the government of Italy had to convert some wards into ICU units. Even though the streets of Italy look peaceful, the hospital environment in the country has been said to resemble a war zone.

Bed problem in hospital

The health workers are really struggling to keep with this pandemic as they are running short of beds and equipment. The bed problem has proven to be a hard case to solve even after adding more beds. There have been reports that many of the operations in the hospitals have come to a standstill as the government wants to curb the bed problem. Many patients who don’t have the virus have been sent home so as to provide accommodation for those who have been severely affected by the coronavirus. The bed problem is intensified by the fact that some of their very own health workers need beds.

Vaccine crisis

There have been false information being passed around that the vaccine has been found but this isn’t true and the BBC health has reported that the vaccine can only be realistically ready in the middle of next year. Another crisis is that people have been lied to that by consuming plenty of vitamin C will prevent one from contracting the disease this nothing but false information. Many countries are competing as to which will be the first one to produce the first vaccine so as to control its supply.

Doctors’ crisis

Many of the health workers including their doctors and nurses are said to have contracted the disease in the midst of trying to stop the very disease. The northern region has reported many cases of infection than any other part in Italy therefore doctors and nurses of other regions in Italy are being deployed to the areas most affected with the virus. Some doctors have reported that the latex gloves are running out forcing some of them to work without them bringing about the occurrence of them contracting the disease due to lack of protection. Many of the doctors are falling ill leading to the government fast-tracking the medical students to become fully qualified medical doctors. Medical graduates are being absorbed into their jobs quite fast so as to curb the problem of the shortage of doctors.

How they maintain and predict

The senior officials have taken some drastic measures such as to order the national lockdown so as to prevent its spread. They still have not witnessed any sign that the lockdown is helping as the cases of the coronavirus are still increasing. Italians have been urged to remain indoors and self-quarantine as this was proven to work in China. Many academics are saying that because the disease has a long incubation period once it starts showing the symptoms it could overburden many health care systems.

Many of their health workers are still anticipating the worst even though some of them are still hopeful about the fact that the best will come.

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