Coronavirus U.S Updates: What has in the Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Bill?

President Trump Signs worker protection Coronavirus Bill

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis in the United States, President Donald Trump signed legislation that will provide relief to millions of workers across the country. The $1.8 trillion bill was approved by the House of Representatives and is awaiting Senate approval.

The bill would provide millions of American families with paid sick and family leave. This comes after most states across the country shut down non-essential businesses. The bill did undergo one revision and, as it stands, anyone eligible would be able to receive up to $511 per day (the equivalent of a $133,000 annual salary. The coronavirus bill would have given workers their full pay.

Workers that have family members affected by the virus would also be eligible to receive payments. The same goes for anyone that has children and their schools are closed. Those people would be eligible for up to two-thirds of their pay (with a cap of $200 per day).

In order to receive the paid sick and family leave, workers would have to test positive for the virus or be ordered to stay home by a doctor (or government official) because of exposure.

The president had already signed a bill that would provide for the expansion of Medicaid and unemployment benefits. That bill also ordered free COVID-19 testing as well as mandating paid sick leave and childcare leave.

The previous legislation will deploy an estimated $100 billion into the American economy. One of the provisions of the bill mandated paid leave for those who have the virus or are quarantined because of exposure. Businesses with over 500 employees and those with fewer than 50 are exempt. All health providers – hospitals and nursing homes included – are also exempt. There are no stipulations for the 16 million workers around the country that are self-employed.

The latest models predicting the virus’s effects on the U.S. are alarming. In a worst-case scenario, the U.S. could experience over one million deaths due to the virus. The nation’s economy will suffer dramatically. Jobless claims are up over 70,000 since last week. If that continues, the U.S. could be headed toward record levels of unemployment.

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